Terms and Conditions


Please note that as a courtesy to all clients a prompt appointment schedule is adhered to. Late appointments may not be honoured, but will still be charged at the full price. If for any reason you wish to change the treatments which you have been booked in for, you must advise us with a minimum of 24 hours notice, otherwise the full treatment price as per your original booking will be charged for.


We regret it is necessary to charge 50% of the whole price of treatments in the event of cancellations being less than 24 hours. Non arrival will be charged at the full price of the treatment. This also applies to Gift Certificates, 50% of the value will be forfeited.

Data Security

Personal details taken from clients during consultation will be kept safe and in the strictest confidence. We would on occasions like to send you details of open evenings, and special promotions. If you would rather not receive these please let us know.

Price Alteration

We reserve the right to alter prices without prior notice

Medical Conditions

Please inform your therapist of any medical condition including pregnancy prior to booking, as some treatments may not be appropriate for you, or in many pre existing medical cases a GP’s note maybe required. We reserve the right to cancel your treatment if you fail to comply with our requests.

Contra Indications

We do not recommend waxing or facials before or after sun beds, sauna or sunbathing
Alcohol should not be consumed before or after Holistic treatments and ensure you drink plenty of water.
We do not recommend pedicures if you suffer from athletes foot, verrucae or fungal infection
Patch tests are required 24 hours before tinting and eyelash extensions


All Vouchers are completely non-refundable from the date of purchase. Vouchers must be used at the time of booking and cannot be used to pay for final balances or outstanding amounts on pre-standing bookings.

Your gift voucher must be given to Holistic Hands before you can commence the booking. All vouchers are valid for six months; the expiry date is clearly stated on each voucher. If a voucher is not used before this time, the voucher is completely non-refundable and will no longer be valid. In the event of a lost voucher, Holistic Hands can issue a new voucher, subject to proof of purchase.

Payment Policy

All treatments over £50 will require a 50% deposit at the time of booking.


Without exception, we will not accept returns on open or used items, unless the item is faulty. Products on special offer or explicitly noted as non-returnable cannot be returned.

Due to the nature of some of the treatments variations can and will occur. Customers are expected to insure that they are happy with the results before leaving the premises as refunds after the treatment will not be given.

For the comfort of our clients

Please ensure all mobile phones are switched off, or placed onto silent mode. Please be aware that smoking is strictly forbidden both inside and outside the front of our centre, thank you for your understanding.


As a courtesy to other salon guests, and in our efforts to offer a relaxed and professional atmosphere we ask that you are aware that it is your responsibility to watch your children at all times while in the salon. All children under 18 having treatments must be accompanied by a guardian at all times. We thank you for your cooperation


By us: In the event of staff sickness or unavailability we will contact you immediately to discuss options for transferring your booking to an alternative therapist, or postponing to an alternative time.

By you: Please cancel any appointment if you think/know you have anything that may possibly be contagious, from sore throats, and colds and flu, to anything on the skin or causing sickness. We reserve the right to refuse treatment if you attend the centre while poorly/contagious for the comfort of our staff and other clients who maybe visiting the centre for treatments,


An initial consultation fee maybe required for some treatments, due to the nature of the treatment, please see our website for further details. Consultations include complete skin assessment and medical history review as well as any required patch tests. Treatments are not included in consultation and must be booked and paid for separately.

Clients will be asked to sign a copy of these terms before their initial treatment commences, and will thereafter apply to all subsequent visits, treatments and therapies.