Initial Treatment

Osteopathy Initial Treatment. Osteopathy can treat a wide range of medical conditions and injuries from work, recreation & sports related activities. All ages and backgrounds can be treated with osteopathy including the elderly, children, pregnant women and sports people. Osteopaths work with the structure and function of the body, working with the principle that your well-being depends on the smooth functioning of all joints and soft tissues. The therapist uses touch, physical manipulation, dry needling, stretching and massage to improve joint mobility, relieve muscle tension and help your body’s own healing mechanisms. Treatment is always tailored to the individual and advice on posture and exercise is often given to aid recovery and prevent symptoms recurring. Common conditions treated include:

  • Joint pain including hip, knee, ankle, foot, elbow and wrist
  • Back, neck and shoulder pain Arthritic and rheumatic pain
  • Muscle tension including cervicogenic headaches (headaches caused by muscle tension)
  • Sciatica
  • Frozen Shoulder
  • Posture Checks

Price/Duration Details:

45 minutes – £46

Notes: Follow up Treatments typically last 30 minutes and are charged at £40.


Osteopathy Follow-up Appointment

Price/Duration Details:

30 minutes – £41

Notes: New Clients will require an Initial Treatment consultation which lasts 45 minutes at a cost of £45


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